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The good news is that as you take Grief Recovery actions, you'll find your energy coming back. (Published 10/22/2013)


I never had a person die close to me until 2005 when my ex overdosed at age 28. Then three people in 2006, including my mother, who died the day I scheduled a flight to introduce her to her new granddaughter. that was followed by the suicide of a close friend; cancer of a schoolmate; and then my father was sick for several months and died in 2011. I feel so numb and distant—antisocial is an understatement. I frequent cemeteries and sit at graves of old friends. I read obituaries daily. I don’t want to talk to anyone about this. I just don’t feel like they are "with me." Now my sisters are finally falling apart and not only can I not help myself, I can’t possibly help them either. I have a religious upbringing that believes there is no afterlife, so I am really lost on many levels.

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